A Lotus Blooms in the Desert Bisbee Lotus Sangha: A Zen Buddhist Meditation Community in Bisbee, Arizona
A Community Zen Meditation Group in Bisbee, Arizona

Zen "Ensō" or "Circle of Life"
by HoDen


Principles of Zazen (Meditation)

"Studying Zen is zazen.

For zazen, one should have a quiet place...

Cast aside all involvements and discontinue the myriad affairs.

Good is not thought of; evil is not thought of.

It is not mind, intellect or consciousness; it is not thoughts, ideas or perceptions....

Having thus regulated body and mind, take a breath and exhale fully.

Sitting fixedly, think of not thinking.

How do you think of not thinking?


This is the art of zazen."

Dogen, 1243 CE*


"A Lotus blooms in the desert.......... join us!"

A Zen Buddhist Meditation Sangha in the Soto & Rinzai Traditions

319 Arizona Street, Room to Move Studio, (Warren) Bisbee, Arizona
Sunday Service at 9:00 AM
Monday "Simply Meditation " at 7:30 PM